Firebase Tkinter Login Signup App Template/Boilerplate

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FirebaseTkinterApp is an open source tool which can be extended further and used as a template or boiler plate to generate a user based app with login and signup feature.

Key Features:

  1.  Login Page
  2.  SignUp New User Page
  3.  Required Email Verification for Login
  4.  Reset Password
  5.  Contains App Logo
  6.  FREE and Open Source
  7.  Disclaimer Page
  8.  About Page
  9.  Donate Page
  10.  Auto UPDATE check feature


Simply install all the dependencies by:  

pip install -r requirements.txt

Firebase Setup:  

1. Make sure you create a project and then a web app in firebase.  

2. Get the `SDK setup and configuration` from `Project Settings`.  

3. Copy YOUR OWN API keys as mentioned below and add it in `FirebaseTkinterApp`

"apiKey": "",
"authDomain": "",
"databaseURL": "https://<PROJECT_ID>",
"projectId": "",
"storageBucket": "",
"messagingSenderId": "",
"appId": ""

4. Add a version file in that projects Cloud Storage and add below in it.  

{"version" : "1.0"}

5. That's it! You can now continue with the project!

Video Guide:

GitHub Repo:

Click on the below card to checkout the repo on GitHub

repo card


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